‘The Musicians Library’ Resource

Now here’s a website to check out that is quite unique indeed, and a great place to download a whole range of reference material: both current and out of print.

I don’t know how they do it but they do; and I’m glad they do.

The beauty of this site is that once you find and download a resource that you think might be really useful to you then, if you find that it’s a worthy resource, you can go out and buy the book; and be really happy with your purchase.

I’m sure we’re all agreed that there’s a lot of rubbish out there; and that we’ve all got a goodly collection of books that we’d rather not have spent our hard earned dollars on.  There’s a lot going for being able to ‘try before you buy’ (at least for the consumer that is).

I’m not encouraging ‘Pirating’ in any form.
What we need to remember is to support and encourage the publications that are actually helpful to us.
Hopefully, this will encourage publishers to concentrate on the quality stuff, and discourage them from publishing….well; you know the word.

Here’s the link my friends:

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