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Mauro Giuliani

Mauro Giuliani

Mauro Giuliani


Mauro Giuliani ( July 27 1781 – May 8 1828 ) was an outstanding Italian guitarist and composer. His life was short but passionately lived, and certainly worthy of a bit of research. Take a look at this site for a fairly detailed account of his life:

When Giuliani settled in Vienna he quickly became acquainted with the classical instrumental style and in 1807 he began to publish compositions in this classical style.

Studies for the Student

His student pieces are considered indispensable by generations of guitarists. The studies and exercises provide some of the most effective material in the entire guitar literature for building and refining a superior technical command of the guitar. Giuliani’s studies and methods are great material for developing basic fingerboard skills as well as sight reading skills.

The harmonies tend to be quite basic so elementary musical theory and analysis of this music is also helpful.

Dynamic considerations (loud, soft etc.) were very important to Giuliani, and carefully observing his recommendations can add great interest to the studies.

Although strict metronome practice is important for initial study, careful consideration should soon be given to phrasing, and in the more lyrical studies one should be more elastic and flexible with the tempos for the sake of musical expressions.

Giuliani Resources

Complete Works Free:

This a great site for all the composers for the guitar in the classical period; and all free…

Complete Studies:

Mel Bay: Go to this site and you can view quite a bit of the book…

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    Those are some high praises as the supreme guitar tutor in history. That’s probably enough to recommend every new student of the guitar to Mauro Giuliani. I know it’s made me want to look into it now.

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