Jazz on the Classical Guitar: Ken Hatfield

Ken Hatfield

Ken Hatfield

Jazz Played on Classical Guitar

Sometimes it takes way too long to find the people who’re doing the things you only thought were possible in the field of your interests.

When you find them it’s really exciting, but many times you wish you’d found them much earlier: during those ‘impressionable’ stages of your development.

Ken Hatfield is one such person in the form of a composer/jazz player on the classical guitar.

If you’re a Classical ‘Fingerstyle’ guitarist, playing on a nylon string guitar; and you believe that exploring a ‘World of Musical Influences’ is essential to your development as a musician/guitarist, then search out this guy, and try some of what he has to offer.  It’s all really very nice I’m sure you’ll agree.

Jazz and the Classical Guitar

Jazz and the Classical Guitar

There are many recordings you can listen to, and he’s published a lot of solo and ensemble stuff for guitar; but if you want a taste of everything with the one purchase then go for his book “Jazz and the Classical Guitar – Theory and Application”.  It’s a book of instruction that’s complete with a CD, and it says it all.  It will definitely be the beginning of a great adventure.

Ken Hatfield plays the nylon string guitar like a dedicated classical guitarist: with attention to touch, tone control, dynamics…nuance at its best; and of course there’s nothing wanting in his feel for the Jazz genre.

Check him out.

Here’s his wesite address:

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