Adelaide Guitar Lessons

Professional Classic ‘Fingerstyle’ Guitar Tuition

Students of all levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
All are Welcome.

Never played before?
No problem!
I mean…
Isn’t that what I’m here for?


The Studio at Leabrook: Come to a comfortable, quiet, well equipped studio in Leabrook for an unhurried private ‘one on one’ guitar lesson with a thoughtful and caring teacher; supplying ‘audio-visual backup’ to the important aspects of your lesson, so that you can reinforce the lesson throughout the week (meaning you won’t forget a thing)…




  • Repertoire playing: Classical Standards, Playing the Blues, Jazz Ballads, Latin, Folk, Classic Pop…
  • Improvisation: creating a ‘mood’; finding your own music…
  • Song accompaniment: Guitar and Voice
  • Ensemble : Guitar Duo, Guitar and Flute (or any other melody instrument)

Students can learn a range of musical styles including Classical, Jazz, Blues, Latin…all genres of Fingerstyle guitar: a very versatile guitar style I’m sure you’ll agree.



I offer private studio lessons of 50 minutes duration, and each lesson will cost $70 (as per the minimum recommended rates of ‘The Music Teachers Association of South Australia’).

The 5o minute lesson allows sufficient time to properly care for all the student’s needs; especially those of general musicianship, which is an area often ignored due to lack of time.

  • An initial payment for the first lesson is paid at the end of the first lesson.
  • If a student wishes to continue with lessons, then a unit of 5 lessons needs to be purchased at the next meeting.
  • A further 5 lessons need to be booked every 5th lesson thereafter, should the student wish to continue.

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