Jeff Sack and Rick Peterson These guys do some really nice improvising: mostly in the Latin Jazz style.  They’re both Fingerstyle guitarists who play nylon string guitars: very inspiring for us would be improvisors. The soloing is very lyrical and tasteful: they never seem to be short of ideas. None of the mind numbing, fast [...]

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Joe Pass was a true virtuoso when it came to solo ‘Fingerstyle’ jazz guitar. Of special interest was his ability to improvise in this style. A real genius was revealed as he simultaneously played all the elements of a jazz or blues improvisation: melody, rhythm, chord harmonies, bass lines and rapid-fire improvised passages; all presented [...]

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Jazz Played on Classical Guitar Sometimes it takes way too long to find the people who’re doing the things you only thought were possible in the field of your interests. When you find them it’s really exciting, but many times you wish you’d found them much earlier: during those ‘impressionable’ stages of your development. Ken [...]

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